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By Anthony McDougle, April 22, 2014

Thanks for visiting my blog about software and entrepreneurship! I’m Anthony McDougle: owner, creator, and author of this blog. And I’m here to show you my path to success, so that you can follow along and learn along with me as I work towards becoming financially free and escaping the rat race.

I’m a software developer, primarily a technical/analytical person, but I’ve definitely got a strong entrepreneurial bone in me. I’m a pretty independent person and prefer to work on my own terms – so I’m currently in the process of launching my own businesses in order to become financially free and escape from my reliance on a 9 to 5 job.

How It All Started

As a child, I had always imagined that I would own my own company and work for myself when I grew up, but never really thought about how I would accomplish that – I just kept thinking that  I was still young and I would figure it out later. Well, once I graduated from college, later came around. So, I did what was expected of me at that point – and what everyone else I knew was doing – and got a cushy corporate job at a large company with a big paycheck and a sweet benefits package. And after about a month of the 9 to 5 routine, I was sick of it.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s a very cushy job and I don’t have many of the problems other people might have at their day jobs, like hating their boss or the people they work with (my team is pretty awesome!). But honestly? It’s not the job description that bothers me, it’s the concept of a job entirely! The thought of doing this, day-in and day-out for 40+ years, working for someone else and at someone else’s whim is just miserable. I don’t want a job – I want a business!

Where Do We Go From Here

And so, in 2013, at the age of 25, I started pursing the dream of a lifestyle business – owning a business that gives me the freedom to work whenever I want, wherever I want, on whatever I want, rather than having to show up at an office and sit at a desk for the same 8 hours every day regardless of when I’m actually most productive. I’m doing this through the acquisition of cashflowing assets – building and buying software products, as well as other things like real estate rentals and dividend-paying stocks – that can produce an income regardless of when I decide to “show up at the office.”

And I’m using this, my personal blog, not just to talk about software and such, but to document my success as it happens. Join me for the ride, and maybe we’ll both learn a little something along the way.

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